★★ World premiere at the 2019 African Diaspora International Film Festival ★★

Sunday, August 11 at 10:30 am

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Director’s Statement

For years I’ve been asked the strange, confrontational question: ‘What are you?’ The question concerns my racial identity and it unsettles me because I don’t have an exact answer and because I simultaneously don’t believe it matters. But it’s also a question that the more it is asked, the more it seems to matter. ‘What Are You’ is a short personal documentary that uses interviews to explore the lives of multiracial people (myself included) as they reveal the struggles and challenges of being of mixed racial heritage in Canada.

‘What are you?’ is a question I’ve been asked too many times to count. I think mostly it’s a question that is asked out of pure curiosity without an agenda but it immediately makes me feel as if I am some strange otherworldly oddity. It’s something I’ve struggled with for years and I hope this film helps other mixed people who are wrestling with that same aggravating question.